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I fully designed and created the branding for my project Manifest.

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Prior to launching Manifest in 2020, I created a consistent brand aesthetic to be eye-catching, modern, creative and conveying quality. I kept this consistent across the website, social media assets and physical promotional flyers.

The following designs were created using Adobe Suite, with a primary focus on Illustrator. The Manifest website is hosted by Squarespace.

Instagram @clubmanifest


A variety of imagery of artist and client testimonials shared on social media, with a primary emphasis on Instagram. The below banner was designed to be split across an Instagram grid as a trio.



All marketing and promotional imagery was in keeping with the aesthetic and design of the Manifest website and landing pages. 


The website is hosted on Squarespace.


Below are "tear and share" flyers designed to encourage sharing promotional offers with friends and doubling the potential reach of physical promotional assets.


Front and back of promotional flyers

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