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Siren Screams marketing designs


With the COIVD-19 pandemic meaning that public theatre performances and venues were cancelled and closed, Script Sirens took it upon themselves to follow up their lockdown web series, #GoingViral.


Focusing on audio drama, Siren Screams is an anthology series of spooky tales written and produced by the Script Siren's team. The project was made possible with funding by the Arts Council England.

My process...


Whilst the project required a logo, the symbol needed to both reinforce the project name and themes as well as the Script Sirens brand across a variety of media formats.

First, I created a shortlist of primary and secondary fonts that could be used across the project branding but also had a gothic or horror feel to convey the spooky vibe.
I knew that I wanted the final logo to be circular so it would act as a "sticker" on all formats.

The font (Talons) had a uniform flat edge that lent itself to manipulation, whilst the pointed lower half evoked thoughts of fangs, tentacles and - er - talons.

Leaning into the spooky nature of Siren Screams, November's "Friday 13th" and Halloween, I wanted a colour that would feel symbolically icky yet differentiable from the blood red used in our previous project, #GoingViral.

I played with shades of orange and green and settled on the one below as it is eye-catching, slime-reminiscent and a bit creepy.

With spiderweb accents and an underlay of a woman screaming in terror, the final imagery perfectly conveyed the essence of Siren Screams as a project.

The imagery was created on Adobe Illustrator.
Social media assets...


To promote the individual episodes on social media and give emphasis to each author's work, I created animations - to make the most of social media algorithms which prioritise videos - and add intrigue to the wider content.

Pulling ambiguously creepy dialogue from the scripts, I overlaid it with the Siren Screams' theme music for consistency. A typewriter sound effect was also added to emphasise the focus of the work - the writing - and add a further creepy feel.

The animation was made on Adobe Spark and set with audio on After Effects.

We wanted to utilise paid ads on Facebook and Instagram and, again, knew that video worked best with their algorithms. The piece needed subtitles for viewers who prefer to prevent auto-audioplay, and the overall animation needed a focal element (the waveform) to add interest and up engagement.

The final ad was created imagery was created on Adobe After Effects and set to audio and captions with Premiere Pro.
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