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I am a regular contributor to gal-dem's weekly music column, Five on it.


Reclaiming power is a journey, FKA twigs' time is now

Music is about the thrill of (inclusive) community

I appreciate Lana Del Rey, but wish she'd leave WOC out of it



Tastemakers: On The Wha's '40 Odd Years' (Music Week, also in print)

Artist Biographies




Speelburg - Porche

Quirky artist Noah Sacré discussed the cinematic pop art and family ties that helped to inspire his debut album Porsche ahead of its release (Oct ‘20).

Lucy Spraggan - Choices

X Factor alumni to Glastonbury performer and Kendall Calling headliner, Spraggan spoke about divorce, solitude, self-belief and sobriety that went into her sixth album Choices (Oct ‘20).

Máni Orrason - Baby Angel Loves You

Interviewing the exciting pop artist helped decipher his singular vision and streamline the message of the project.

Elias Boussnina - 'Come Alive'

Elias’ comeback single was the mark of a change of tone for the R&B artist and touched upon gender constructs and being vulnerable.

AJIMAL - As It Grows Dark / Light

With a break between his debut and new album, as well as a progression in sound (Fran is also a doctor) there was a lot of ground to cover and unpick in this bio!

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